Our Core Values


Right + Reliable

Integrity is doing the right things in a reliable way. We want to do right and do it consistently. We believe this builds real trust.



We desire to be relational over transactional. We are real people. You are a real person. We want to treat you that way in each and every engagement.


Focus = Growth

Focus equals growth. If you want to grow in any area of life or business, you need to focus on it. We love to focus on what’s important and help others do the same.


Smarter ≠ Harder

Work smarter not harder. We want to teach others how to be more effective and we want to do the same thing internally. We ask hard questions to make things better. Working hard is great, working smart is better.


+ Value

We want to add value to every interaction. We truly believe if we do that, the business will take care of itself.

About the Founder

Justin Harris

Founder & CEO

About the Founder

I love helping visionary business owners get out of their own way!

At Congruence, we help small to mid-sized growth minded businesses implement an operating system to reach predictable success. It’s not easy to do, but it’s worth it!

My wife, Aimee (with two “e’s”) and I, have three kids: Caed, Vivian, and Verity. We are both highly involved in our church as well as our kids’ extracurricular activities.

In fact, one of my favorite accomplishments in life was coaching my son’s flag football team to a YMCA Championship (multiple times). Nothing like seeing a plan come together and a team get better!

When I’m not working, I enjoy watching my kids’ play sports, going on a date with my wife, working out, cheering on the Georgia Bulldogs, reading the next, great leadership book, watching a super hero movie, or taking my dog Buddy out to potty - it’s my job to do that early in the morning and at night.